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Dog, Disc, and Wind is an entry and intermediate level training aid for the sport of Canine Frisbee. It catalogs a score of Freeflight moves and variations, describes attributes, presents training tips, and demonstrates each move using QuickTime movies. Interactive browsing includes single step control. Mosaics are used to show key concepts at a glance.

Dog, Disc, and Wind teaches what the we learned using the language of video examples to help the viewer better understand the Art of this sport, that they may develop a style that works for them and their Dog.

Glen Speckert and Shaman were Northeast Regional Finalists in '97, '96, and '95, and were the North East Regional Top Novice Team in '93. They were one of the top teams in the Maine to Virginia region for 5 years.

This is their story. To go right to Shaman's moves, click here.

-- Glen Speckert

Flash and QuickTime plugins are required.

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