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Dog, Disc, and Wind - FAQ

Setting your screen to 640x480 will result in a full screen viewing area. The CD brightness is a compromise between Mac and Windows gamma. Windows users may want to increase the brightness.

The CD runs best on 16 bit color, but will also run on 24 or 8 bit monitors color settings.

QuickTime Issues - Mac users should not have a problem with any version of QuickTime. Windows users must install the 16 bit version of QuickTime for Windows which is on the CD. This version will not conflict with the current 32 bit version of QuickTime which may already be installed on your computer for use by other applications.

Some CD players may take a while to spin up the CD, then will read a file, then spin down the CD, which will make the performance slow. Adjust your CD to keep it spinning, as many small files are read for each screen. You may also copy the whole CD to disk for better performance.

If you encounter any difficulties not mentioned here, please e-mail speckert@dogdisc.com

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