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This CD can be ordered by check or credit card.

Dog, Disc, and Wind is an entry and intermediate level training aid for the sport of Canine Frisbee. It catalogs a score of Freeflight moves and variations, describes attributes, presents training tips, and demonstrates each move using QuickTime movies of various rates and resolutions on any Windows or MacOS system. Interactive browsing includes single step control. Mosaics are used to show key concepts at a glance.

This CD is a collaborative approach to teaching what the authors have learned, to help the viewer better understand the Art of this sport, that they may develop a style that works for them and their Dog.

Glen Speckert and Shaman were Northeast Regional Finalists in '97, '96, and '95, and were the North East Regional Top Novice Team in '93.

-- Glen Speckert

"Glen Speckert's, Dog, Disc, and Wind is educational and entertaining. I recommend that anyone interested in the sport pick it up for their reference library."
- Peter Bloeme

The full Table of Contents of Dog, Disc, and Wind is online, and most of the moves are previewed . The image quality (resolution and frame rates) of the CD is significantly better than the web previews, and many more examples are given on the CD. The CD also has award winning music, and many more visual effects.

The CD can run under MacOS 7.1 thru 9.0, Windows 3.1, 95, or 98.

If you like your Modem Bandwidth access to this web site, you'll greatly enjoy your CD Player Bandwidth access to the full content available on the CD.

Dog, Disc, and Wind can be ordered by check or credit card.

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